Online Meeting: Getting Started - Meetings

Online Meeting is a HIPAA compliant web conferencing, video conferencing and webinar service.

System Requirements 

  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 / Mac OSX 10.9 and above / Linux / Ubuntu

  • 4 GB RAM

  • Chrome 49 or newer versions and the new Edge browser (Firefox, older Edge versions, and Safari users must use our Desktop Application to host. You will be automatically prompted to install Desktop App on those browsers.)

  • High-speed Broadband internet connection with Upload and Download speed of 2 Mbps or more recommended.

Audio Requirements: 

  • USB headset, webcam or integrated microphone

  • Or telephone audio: cell phones, VOIP phone or landline

Use of a WiFi connection may not provide the best audio experience as WiFi may be less stable. We recommend a hardwire connection or that you use the telephone for the best results on a WiFi connection.

Some VOIP services do not allow connecting to conference call services. Should you experience trouble calling in, try an alternate telephone device.

Firefox, Edge and Safari Hosts:

You will be required to use our desktop application. Read the Knowledge Base article on Online Meeting: Desktop Application For Presenters for more information.


  • the Desktop Application is not supported on 32-bit Operating Systems

Before your meeting

For quick access into your account, click on this link and log in using your Google Chrome browser.

Meeting Dashboard

Once logged in, you will land on your Account Profile page. This is your personal Online Meeting hub, where you can:

  • Create your own custom meeting URL

  • See all of your meeting details (URL, conference call number and PINs)

  • Start or schedule a meeting

  • See past meetings

  • And more




Account settings

Clicking on the Account link on the header, will open your Account Management page.
On the Settings tab of that page, you will be able to:

  • Edit your Meeting URL

  • Edit your In-meeting Display Name (if, for example, you want to use your Company name and not your personal name in the meetings)

  • Upload your profile avatar

  • Upload an image to display on your meeting login page to attendees




Starting a meeting

Click on the Start a Meeting Now button to start an ad hoc meeting.




During your meetings

When you start your meeting, the meeting interface will load to help you effectively communicate and collaborate with others. You will be able to use your computer’s audio or phone to talk.

All meeting participants can share their cameras, screens, or videos for more interactive and collaborative meeting experiences.

Audio, Video and Sharing Controls

When you join your meeting for the first time you will see the screen to confirm your audio and video devices with a webcam preview. Please note that when you join the meeting, you are not on webcam. This is only a preview:




With controls located at the bottom center of the screen you can:

Mute or unmute your audio:

  • You can also select your audio devices from the More menu (3 dots) next to this button

Turn your webcam on/off:

  • You can also select your webcam devices from the More menu (3 dots) next to this button

You may have up to 30 webcams on in a meeting (Pro Only):




Share your screen:

  • You can share your screen any time, even if someone else is sharing. You will be prompted if you want to interrupt them, and you’ll be able to decide the appropriate action

  • We’ve built our application this way to reduce barriers to sharing,
    and make it more like a real-world meeting, in the same physical location




Secondary Controls






Record meetings (Pro-only):


  • You can start a recording, as well as Append or Overwrite a previous one


Add the Virtual Assistant to your meeting:


  • The Virtual Assistant helps to capture your meeting audio and transcribe it for you in case you forgot to take notes. You (the Host) will receive your meeting transcription overview by email with a link to review your complete transcript and Insights.

  • On May 18, 2020 we have updated how the Virtual Assistant joins your meetings. It will no longer join automatically. For privacy, only the Host may initiate the Virtual Assistant as shown below.

  • Virtual Assistant is a Pro-only feature and is not available for Webinars.


Lock your meeting:


  • Locking your meeting prevents any new attendees from joining this meeting

  • If someone leaves while your meeting is locked, they can return later if they wish, because they were part of the original group when the meeting was locked


Check your network connection:


  • This icon will only show up in the case of a poor network connection


Meeting Settings:


  • Visit your Meeting Settings screen to control your audio and video settings, add Custom Branding to your meeting, define your bandwidth settings and more.

Read the Knowledge Base article on Online Meeting: Meeting Settings for more information.


Help Menu:


  • Get access to our Knowledge Base and other support materials


End the Meeting:


  • As a host, you can leave the meeting and leave it running for others. Keep in mind, meetings without a host will automatically end after 20 minutes

  • Also as a host, you can end the meeting, disconnecting everyone. This will allow the meeting to process meeting notes, recordings, transcriptions and others

Left Panel



The left part of the screen gives you access to the following features:


Attendee list:


  • See who has joined your meeting and how their audio is connected to the meeting

  • See if anyone is having networking issues (the main cause of poor-quality experiences)

  • Mute individual attendees if they’re making noise by clicking on their mic icon

  • Hosts can mute all attendees at once. For privacy reasons, Attendees will need to unmute themselves

  • Phone attendees can press *6 to unmute

  • All attendees have the ability to mute/unmute themselves

 Meeting info:


  • Quick access to your meeting URL and dial-in information, in case you or any of your attendees need to invite others to your meeting



  • Exchange messages with all attendees, links and emojis during your meeting

  • Typing indicator lets you know if other meeting attendees are typing

Notes (pro only):


  • Host and attendees can capture meeting notes (like action items, next steps, and more) in real-time during the meeting

  • At the end of the meeting, all notes are automatically sent to all attendees via email

Inviting attendees to your meeting

Inviting attendees in advance:

You can invite your contacts to a meeting using your calendar. Or using your Online Meeting, which will give you added security options such as Host and Attendee Pins and meeting passwords.

Read the Knowledge Base article on Online Meeting: How To Schedule A Meeting On Your Dashboard for more information.

Enter your link and log in using your Google Chrome browser and click on the Copy button on the top right corner to copy your meeting information:




Once you copy the meeting information, paste it in the body of your meeting invite.

Inviting attendees during the meeting:

To invite more attendees to your meeting after it had begun, simply copy the meeting info from the bottom of the left panel and send it to the attendees you’d like to add:




The full details of all the features we offer you as a meeting host such as Meeting Reports, Virtual Assistant and more, are explained in our knowledge base articles that follow. Please take a moment to browse these to be the best meeting host possible.

After the Meeting

Once you have completed a Meeting, navigate to your Account Dashboard and under Past Meetings and click on the title of any meeting you wish to follow up on or see the reports for.

You may view your Meeting Reports or email attendees of the meeting here: